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The Author : Éric Mangion


Éric Mangion has been the director of the Villa Arson art center since 2006. There he hosted and organized numerous solo exhibitions, notably for Eva Barto, Sonia Boyce, Monster Chetwynd, Judy Chicago, Jeremy Deller, Jean Dupuy, Brice Dellsperger, R... [ read more ]


The Author : Luc Clément

Luc Clément acquired extensive experience in communication at major groups (Havas, Publicis) and independent structures before forming his own agency in Nice. An expert in brand name history, he possesses solid skills in the world of creation. In 20... [ read more ]
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The Freed Voice

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Around the text
30 March 2020

Freed voices in confined bodies

The lockdown incites us to read, listen, look, and also reflect and rethink our worldview. Although we had planned to act as slow media, taking the time to analyse world art and events, the current situation is forcing us to shift our orientation by preparing opinion pieces in response to the current health crisis.

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