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Associate Publishers

Participate in the production of future Switch (on Paper) texts by becoming an associate publisher. The cost of producing each text (writing, translation, editing and rights) is 1,300 euros. Associate publishers are free to produce one or more texts, depending on their means and field of interest, and select the authors and topics they intend to support on the basis of abstracts we submit. Associate publishers are mentioned at the end of each text, along with a redirect link to the website, blog, social network or webpage of their choice.

Galerie Territoires Partagés Marseille Galerie Territoires Partagés Fondation Galeries Lafayette Paris Fondation Galeries Lafayette Art Company Cannes Art Company Safia El Maqui Monaco Safia El Maqui SNC Prializart Paris SNC Prializart
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Plateforme éditoriale ouverte à une dimension internationale et à des collaborations de toutes sortes, Switch (on Paper) souhaite entretenir des relations fructueuses avec d’autres média, agences de presse, structures produisant un contenu de recherche artistique et culturelle en affinité avec sa ligne éditoriale. Rejoignez nos premiers partenaires.

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Active Support

Switch (on Paper) already enjoys a large number of active and benevolent supporters, but the list is open and we have kept a place for you on it. Proposals for subjects to be dealt with, comments about our content, advice, suggestions, not forgetting financial support, even of a token nature, encourage us to continue the task and help us quench your thirst for culture and knowledge.

Outremer Nice Outremer Galerie Territoires Partagés Nice Galerie Territoires Partagés Master de création littéraire - École d'art & université du Havre Masters’ Degree in Literary Art – École d’Art Université du Havre [Le Havre Art School University] Master de création littéraire – École d’art & université du Havre