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• Fondation de France

The Switch (on Paper) editorial platform received support from the Fondation de France as part of its programme on Research and the Transmission of Knowledge.
fondationdefrance.org – nouveauxcommanditaires.eu

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Fondation de France

Associate publishers

• Fondation Galeries Lafayettes, Paris

The texts Theaster Gates, Bogoro and Camille Richert, research and conversation with Tyler Coburn was produced with the help of Fondation Galeries Lafayette (Nice).

Photo © Delfino Sisto Legnani et Marco Cappelletti
Fondation Galeries Lafayette

• Fondation Emerige, Paris

The texts Mika Rottenberg and Otobong Nkanga was produced with the help of the Fondation Emerige (Paris).
The Fondation Emerige supports young creation with The Révélations Emerige Bursary.

Photo : Linda Sanchez. Révélations Emerige Bursary 2017. La détente, 2006. Papers A4. Dimensions, variables qualities. View oexhibition Plan et ligne sur point, 2011, Musée Château, Annecy © Linda Sanchez

• Territoires Partagés Gallery, Marseille

The text The Indigenous way was produced with the support from the Territoires Partagés Gallery (Marseille).

Photo : L’impact du souffle, 2017. Exposition Tout Surgir, André Fortino, Stéphane Guglielmet, Galerie Territoires Partagés, Marseille © Stéphane Guglielmet
Galerie Territoires Partagés

• Safia El Maqui, Monaco

The text The rumors of the world was produced with the help of Safia El Maqui (Monaco) which supports the work of Sister Corita Kent.

Photo : Sister Corita Kent, Mary’s Day procession, 1964
Sister Corita Kent, Mary's Day procession

• Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery, Paris

The text Annexion and destruction was produced with the support from Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery (Paris).

Photo : Henrique Oliviera. Georges Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery © Éric Simon
Henrique Oliveira. Galerie Georges Philippe & Nathalie Vallois © Photo Éric Simon

• Vallois Gallery, Paris

The text The Promenade des Anglais, an open air theater was produced with the support from Vallois Gallery (Paris).

Photo : Charles Placide, Grand popo Cotonou, Fête de Vodoun, 2005 © Charles Placide
Charles Placide, Grand popo Cotonou, Fête de Vodoun, 2005 © Charles Placide

• SNC Prializart, Paris

The text Dissident dissonance was produced with the support from SNC Prializart (Paris).

Photo : Mark Lewis, Canada, 2017. Single screen video, 5K transferred to 2K. Commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, 2017.
Mark Lewis, Canada, 2017. Single screen video, 5K transferred to 2K. Commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, 2017

• Art Company, Cannes

The text Performance art for the people was produced with the help of Art Company (Cannes) which supports the work of Espace de l’Art Concert.

Photo : Residence of KKF, Espace de l’Art Concret (Mouans-Sartoux) for he 10 years of Cinéma brut
Résidence de KKF à l'Espace de l'Art concret, (Mouans-Sartoux) dans le cadre des 10 ans du Cinéma brut

• Bernard Massini, Nice

The text The song of Mexico was produced with the help of Bernard Massini (Nice) which supports the work of Lawrence Carroll.
Karsten Greve galerie and Buchmann galerie.

Photo : Lawrence Carroll, workshop
Lawrence Carroll, vue de l'atelier

Become an associate publisher

We set up an original funding system inviting any natural person or legal entity to become an associate publisher by directly participating in the production of texts. The cost of €1,300 for producing each text is split as follows: €500 for the author, €100 for ADAGP reproduction rights, €300 for proofreading and publishing and €400 for translation. Associate publishers are free to produce one or more texts, depending on their means and field of interest, and select the authors and topics they intend to support on the basis of abstracts we submit. Associate publishers are mentioned at the end of each text, along with a redirect link to the website, blog, social network or webpage of their choice.
Our structure, Arts et Sociétés (SIRET: 831 893 805 0018), is a non-profit association for the purpose of promoting ties to singular artistic creation and private or public associations, as well as sociocultural experiments generating innovative relations with the public.
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Photo : We are The Painters, “La Communauté des Muses”. Making of the movie Paint For Ulma, 2017 © Raphael Fanelli.


• Outremer

The Switch (on Paper) editorial platform receives voluntary technical production support from Outremer in Nice.