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With your individual subscription, you become an active member of the Switch (on Paper) reader society. You have access to all our publications (texts, podcasts, videos, archives) and benefit from the services reserved for our subscribed members (downloading of texts in pdf, personalized space, private messaging. Not forgetting the events, online or physical, organized by the Switch (on Paper) editorial team. And if you are a student or unemployed, you can join us for only 1 euro per month.

student 1 / month or 12 € per year

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become a member 4 / month or 48 € per year

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30 days free 0 / month or 0 € per year

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Professional subscription

Your professional subscription to Switch (on Paper) now allows you to offer access to an unlimited number of users, for €96/year if you are a school, university or public institution or €192 if you are a private company, corporate foundation or endowment fund. In addition, you benefit from additional advantages and visibility on our site as a member and active supporter.

public instit. art gallery 8 / month or 96 € per year

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Gallery 8 / month or 96 € per year

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foundation, company 16 / month or 192 € per year

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