Who are we?

Switch (on Paper) is an online editorial platform that aims to clarify the world around us through the lens of contemporary art. How can artists and their works provide us with a singular and atypical interpretation of society? How do they relate to the real world?

To begin, it is our intention to invite authors ― researchers, writers, artists and journalists ― to produce investigative texts relating to world news ― political, economic or anthropological ― from all over the world on a wide range of topics ― politics, economics, sciences, new technologies, environment, health, culture, sport, leisure, etc. ― as long as they are based on work as experience.

We have also chosen to bring together existing web content offering a singular interpretation of art, little-found in traditional information networks, through filtering and aggregate content. This content may be artistic creations, associative, public or private initiatives, or experiences producing an innovative relationship with the public.

Using a clear and simple visual interface and desktop, tablet or smartphone, Switch (on Paper) aims to combine highly-pertinent content with a perfect conceptual and technical design.

The platform is devised, in the long term, to provide a threefold viewpoint to media and social network for debate and exchange. The texts will first be available free of charge, but, over time, will form a unique resource centre for knowledge on relations between Art and Society, to help tomorrow’s researchers.

Over the months, it will be refined, according to the now classic ‘test & learn’ method, in both its digital version and physical, hardcopy form.

Switch (on Paper) targets both the art world and anyone – whether researchers or simple curiosity-seekers – keen to have access to an original news media on art and society.


Switch (on Paper), a platform in 3 parts


1. Review

– periodicity, mainly weekly
– directly linked to current news, but not a news report
– wide range of content and contributors
– all news content totally free of charge (except archives)

– long investigative texts, produced exclusively for us
– short texts, aggregations, republished content

– international coverage with regular correspondents abroad
– bilingual: French/English

– online digital platform 24/7/365

– accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone with browsing interface and adapted display in responsive design mode
– rich media: text, photos, audio and video streaming

– marginal notes integrated in the text in the form of pop-up windows, also accessible in a side bar

– external redirection links to enrich reading
– after reading, associated content proposed by affinity

– texts accessible for 60 days before being archived for subscribers
– possibility of personalised archiving and hard-copy versions under consideration*


2. Knowledge base*

– construction of an extensive knowledge and information base
– access via an integrated search engine
– access also possible with key words, tags and internal links
– base structured according to standard themes: politics, economics, science, etc.
– definition of enhanced granularity in machine-learning mode

– library, work and research tool
– specification in preparation for the creation of a dedicated algorithm


3. Discussion Forum*

– meeting with the society of readers around shared interests
– enjoying personalised services (archiving, exclusive publications, advantages)
– dialoguing, debating, proposing, reflecting together
– participating in an active group through online events and IRL chats

– promoting interaction with the society of readers on the site and via all social media activated: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

– major moderating of commentary and contributions
– promoting the ethics of the Switch (on Paper) society of readers

*accessible with yearly subscription



Issue number of Commission for Publications and Press Agencies: 1119 W 93522


















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