Artists Remake the World
An independant and committed slow media
Francis Alÿs, Turista, 1994
Our purpose

Who are we?

An independant and committed slow media
Francis Alÿs, Turista, 1994

Switch (on Paper) is online media intended to illuminate the world around us through the prism of today's art. How artists and their works offer a singular reading of society. How they are part of the real world and give us an original, resolutely subjective and independent view of it.

Starting from an artistic or cultural point of view, our choice is to invite authors - researchers, writers, artists or journalists, not widely published and of all nationalities - to deliver each week an analysis of these contemporary phenomena and practices. Over a deliberately slow and painstaking editorial process which combines forensic criticism and situated criticism, together we produce investigative texts on international affairs, which combine scientific rigour with the ethics of slow journalism. We defend quality information, far from rushed media and information overload, demanding and committed, which offers the time to read differently and reflect further.

Beyond the investigative work we publish, we wanted to diversify publishing forms, to offer a rich content and a constantly renewed interest in reading. We have thus developed essays, reviews, interviews as well as videos and audio podcasts.

Our site has developed to offer a clear, readable visual interface, on computer, tablet or smartphone, our objective being to reconcile a high standard for content and reading comfort for all audiences, including those less used to digital.

The texts and documents we publish will, over time, constitute a base of resources and knowledge unique of their kind, illuminating the relationship between art and the world around us, intended to serve future researchers as well as today's curious readers.

Switch (on Paper) addresses itself as much to the world of art as to all those curious minds who wish to access an original media of information about world affairs and ideas.

Switch (on Paper), a 3-part media

1.The Magazine

– an international weekly, with two editions in French and in English,
– linked to current affairs, but not a news-based magazine,
– an endlessly growing variety of contributors, of authors - academics, critics, from the world of art or social and human sciences, artists, journalists - and of multiple nationalities,
– an ethos: no advertising, every writer scrupulously paid, respect for the plurality of views
– a set of services dedicated to our subscribing members: personal space, archiving, downloading of pdf files, exclusive content, advantages and invitations.

2.The Knowledge Base

– building a base of extensive information and knowledge,
– access via an integrated search engine,
– library, work and research tool.

3.Readers' Society, Subscribing Members' Community

– meet the readers' society brought together on shared interests and events,
– enjoy personalised services (archiving, exclusives, advantages),
– dialogue, discussion, suggestions, think together,
– promoting an ethos of the Switch (on Paper) readers' society

All content and services offered by Switch (on Paper) is reserved to our subscribing members, based on diversified offers which allow the general public to access it. To explore our subscription deals, click here.

You can also support Switch (on Paper), independent media, with a tax break through the "J'aime L’info" platform dedicated to support new press projects. Or, take part in our campaigns to finance new projects or productions with the KissKissBankBank. platform.

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