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The Author : Luba Michailova


Luba Michailova is the founder of Izolyatsia, a non profit multi-disciplinary platform for cultural initiatives in Ukraine. The Izolyatsia foundation supports a wide variety of projects aiming to educate, debate and activate the ukrainian creative sp... [ read more ]

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20 April 2018

Annexion and destruction

IZOLYATSIA foundation is a non-profit non-governmental platform for contemporary culture founded in 2010 on the territory of a former insulation materials factory in Donetsk, Ukraine. On June 9, 2014, the territory were seized by the militia of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic”. The foundation has evacuated its team and since then it continues to perform its mission in Kyiv. IZOLYATSIA is a multidisciplinary cultural project open to all genres of creative expression. It is a point of intersection for all those passionate about cultural and social change. The Foundation has three intertwined directions of activity: art, education and projects geared at activating Ukraine’s creative sector.

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