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The Series : « Aspects of contemporary art criticism worldwide »

Whether they are articles published at the end of an AICA symposium or produced by Switch (on Paper) following an international call for papers, the texts in this dossier bear witness to the diversity, singularity and permanence of an art critic whose place remains more than ever necessary to grasp the issues at stake in the world, placing artists and culture at the heart of the debate. A partnership that materializes a community of spirit and the active support of Switch (on Paper) for art critics, whose status and future are the subject of in-depth reflection.

With the support of the Emerige Endowment Fund and Région Sud within the framework of Manifesta 13 Marseille.

The Author

The Author : María Luisa Grau Tello

María Luisa Grau Tello (born in 1983 in Spain) is a curator at IAACC Pablo Serrano, Saragossa. She has a PhD in Art History from Universidad de Zaragoza. Her researches have focused on public art and the development of mural painting in urban areas,... [ read more ]
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Thesaurus :

aptART (Awareness and Prevention Through Art) is an artists, activists and educators’ led organisation that heightens awareness and helps children (notably in Mozambique) that are exposed to war, genocides and epidemics, to build their sensitivities and learn to express concerns about their lives through artistic expression (mural paintings, building exhibitions).

Promoted by the Sahwari government, ARTifariti is a gathering of local and international artists working towards the recognition of human rights in a political context of war, in the hope of building coexistence, interconnection, intercommunication, and facilitating the development of cultural activities. The town of Tifariti hopes to become a public space for sharing, creating, and reflecting on this social and political reality.

The International Brigades, active from 1936 to 1938, were composed of antifascist rebels and fought alongside the Republicans against the nationalistic forces during the Spanish Civil War. Facing the repressive governments at the head of several European countries, the Brigades aimed at reestablishing democracy or promoting a revolutionary cause in the country (Proletarian revolution for the implementation of a workers’ State).

The Companies of Foreign Workers were created in France in 1939 by an ordinance voted by the third government under Edouard Daladier. The CTE forced 55.000 Spanish refugees and exiles that were escaping first the dangers of civil war, and then Franco’s dictatorship, to mandatory labour mainly in service of the army, of agriculture and the weapons industry.

The Trotskyist International Liaison Committee (TILC) is an international organization founded in 1979 by the Workers Socialist League (WSL), later to be allied with the Workers International League (WIL), and dissolved in 1984 following internal dissent. Some former members later founded the Revolutionary International League (RIL), the International Trotskyist Committee (ITC), and the Socialist Group.


Partnership :

Publishing Partnership with AICA International

This text by Maria Luisa Grau Tello is published in partnership with AICA following an international call for participation launched at the end of 2019. Out of some sixty proposals for articles, fourteen have been selected and will be published from 28 August as part of Manifesta 13 Marseille within the programme « Les Parallèles du Sud ».

AICA (International Association of Art Critics) is an NGO founded in 1950 under UNESCO patronage for the purpose of reinforcing worldwide freedom of speech in the area of art criticism and ensure its diversity. Its missions include promoting the discipline in the visual arts by contributing to ensuring sound methodological foundations, protecting the moral and professional interests of art critics by defending the rights of all members equally, ensuring permanent communication among all members by encouraging national and international meetings, improving and facilitating information and international exchanges in the visual arts and contributing to reciprocal knowledge and closer understanding between differing cultures.



Associate publisher, the Emerige Endowment Fund

Emerige: a proactive patron of the arts

In the firm belief that art has the power to change our daily reality, Emerige is a corporate sponsor committed to contemporary creativity by bringing culture closer to everyone, but especially the youngest in society. The Emerige Endowment Fund encourages young French artists via its Emerige Revelations Grant Scheme and its support for arts and culture educational programmes.

As a company devoted to building more beautiful cities for everyone, Emerige also contributes to bringing more art into urban communities by acquiring or commissioning contemporary art pieces under the terms of the 1 Building, 1 Artwork charter.

The Emerige Endowment Fund


Parallèles du Sud, Manifesta 13 Marseille

This series of publications published in partnership with AICA International (International Association of Art Critics) is one of the 86 projects labeled “Les Parallèles du Sud”, as part of MANIFESTA 13, which will take place in Marseille from 28 August to 29 November 2020.

Manifesta is the European Nomadic Biennial, which originated in the early 1990s in response to the political, economic, and social change following the end of the Cold War and the subsequent steps towards European integration. Manifesta has developed into a platform for dialogue between art and society by inviting the cultural and artistic community to produce new creative experiences with, and for, the context in which it takes place. Manifesta rethinks the relations between culture and society investigating and catalysing positive social change in Europe through contemporary culture in a continuous dialogue with the social sphere of a specific place.

Manifesta was founded by the Dutch art historian, Hedwig Fijen. Each new edition is fundraised individually and managed by a mix of permanent international team and local specialists. Manifesta is working from its offices in Amsterdam and Marseille.

Manifesta 13

Around the text
30 October 2020

Homage to Machado, John Bernard Myers and Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc. The Chronicle of a Tribute to a Refugee

Today, at a time when the world is facing a refugee crisis handled ineffectively by governments yet tackled by citizen-led interventions, this article recollects Homage to Machado, an art exhibition held in New York in 1966, organised by John Bernard Myers, gallery owner, and Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc., an NGO founded by Nancy Macdonald in 1953. Conceived as a tribute to Antonio Machado, a Spanish poet who died exiled in France, the exhibition sought to raise funds to support the SRA’s projects helping Spanish refugees settled in France as well as to denounce the lack of freedom under Franco’s dictatorship.

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