Distanced Islands and the Turbulent Seas

Investigation by Fereshte Moosavi


Curatorial in Other Words is an ongoing research-based project that I launched in 2016 in collaboration with Charsoo Honar institution in Tehran to study both practical and discursive aspects of curatorial practice today in both local and global contexts. By inviting curators, artists, scholars and cultural practitioners from different backgrounds, a platform was created to collectively exercise self-reflexive processes of thinking about the curatorial as a translational practice. This was set to investigate social structures of cultural and creative processes while unpacking the questions on authorial voice of translator/curator. The text below gives a series of critical reflections on one of the lectures presented by Professor Nasser Fakouhi at Tehran Curatorial Symposium #2, on Saturday 5th January 2019, titled: “Bubbles, Islands and the Turbulent Sea, Curation: the limits of liberty and authoritarianism”.

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