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The Author : Nicolas Vaquier


After he graduated in Politics at La Sorbonne University in 2010, Nicolas Vaquier specialised in Management of Cultural organizations. He worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines, then founded in 2012 the cultural magazine La Grande Bouche, and became publication director of it. He was involved in the creation of the INAGLOBAL project, the bilingual online magazine of the Institut National de l’audiovisuel (INA), as a subeditor and regular writer for the magazine. He also worked as a translator for the Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX and as a Project Manager with an Italian Member of the European Parliament. He is now vice director of the gallery Espace A VENDRE in Nice. 

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Chronicle by Nicolas Vaquier
The Future Library
27 March 2018

To read in 2114

Chronicle by Nicolas Vaquier
The Future Library

In a world where the production of information of any kind now reaches alarming volumes – the quantity of content published every day on Twitter is estimated to 500 million, that is 5 787 per second – submerging our cognitive capacities, creating a stressful feeling of urgency and a never reached level of pollution, the project of Scottish artist Katie Paterson seems like a breath of fresh air.

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