The knowledge base

What purpose for our base?

Our database stores all the investigative texts produced for the publication and all content from associated aggregations. Our ambition is, over time, to make it an exponential knowledge platform to be used in the long term as a permanent resource accessible to researchers in all fields. It is also intended for all people motivated by curiosity, eager to achieve a better comprehension of our changing world through the prism of today’s artists and their works, along with related writings and narratives.

How does our base work?

The knowledge base can be queried using a word, a name, a title or a phrase. At first, answers will be taken from our archives and the data accumulated through our publications: reliable, verified, qualified data produced or compiled in an exclusive way to guarantee credibility, scrupulous sourcing and referencing.
Next, our knowledge base will include data gathered online, not based on popularity, as is most often the case, but on proven quality. To this end, we are currently considering the development of a dedicated algorithm on the basis of criteria of relevance and rigour in keeping with our editorial line. This tool will help us greatly increase the amount of data collected, to be submitted for selection to our editorial committee before being included in our database.

How can you access our base?

Access to the database is restricted to subscribers. Browsing is with a search engine, which explores all content through a set of key words and themes ranging from politics to the economy, science to new technologies, including environmental issues, health, culture, sport, recreational activities, etc. While all material in the investigations and aggregations posted on the publication is available in French and English, all associated online content remains in the original version and language. For more information, please write us at [email protected].