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Future productions

We have implemented an original funding system, which allows new partners, individuals or collectives, to become associate publishers by participating directly in the production of texts. Here is a sneak preview of the subjects we have awaiting production:

Tehching Hsieh

by Raphaëlle Giangreco
(text waiting for production)


by Christophe Kihm
(text waiting for production)

investigations & agregated content


Research exploring all aspects of the profusion of relations between art and society ― politics, economy, science, technology, environment, health, culture, etc. ― for in-depth analysis of information to shed new light on today’s world.

agregated content

Brief, varied sets of content, most identified and filtered on the Internet, to highlight singular experiences creating an innovative relationship with readers: artists’ creations or initiatives on the part of public or private associations. This means fast-paced prose to enrich perceptions and the exponential knowledge base serving as an extension of the publication.