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Exchanges and dialogue

Enlightening the world through the prism of contemporary art is a project that will develop through authors’ contributions as well as readers, users and subscribers’ viewpoints. Switch (on Paper) aims to stimulate ideological debate and dialogue as a platform for dialogue and exchange, enriched by commentary as expressed in each of our publications. Our private messaging service makes it possible to connect to the entire society of readers. Dialoguing and debating in real time, privately addressing a few words to members, receiving messages, pictures, documents in one’s customised space, a qualified confidential feed to stay connected and maintain a genuine community of exchange and sharing.

An active network

Readers and visiting members – whether artists, exhibition producers, collectors, researchers, business directors, amateurs or curiosity-seekers – can find more than just additional information and clarification on Switch (on Paper). We also offer a space for sharing and bringing all types of idea to fruition, by fostering business relationships and networking to develop new projects and bring answers to specific issues, i.e. a genuine social network, designed to bring art and society together in an active and constructive manner.

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