Saskia Calderon, gallo despescuezado
Profile Artist, 15 October 2020
Saskia Calderon, gallo despescuezado

Performance as Cannibal Delicacy in the Work of Saskia Calderón

Investigation by Amalina Bomnin Hernández

The work of Saskia Calderón, a performer trained in visual arts and lyric singing, is an atypical example of a proposal that destabilizes. She creates powerful comments on the sexist, racist, and xenophobic aspects of the Western paradigm of corporate mentality and extractive policies in Latin American countries. This article underlines the uniqueness of her work within a context that has been reluctant to make performance visible, due, among other factors, to the fragility of the Ecuadorian institutional system. Her situated artistic creations, thanks to the relevance and subtle methodology of her approach—like a cannibal delicacy—become civic artivism.