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The Author : Anne-Charlotte Michaut

Anne Charlotte Michaut is an art historian with a multidisciplinary educational background. She first specialised in English literature during two years of preparatory cycle in literature. Then she received a Bachelor of Art in French Literature at P... [ read more ]
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26 February 2020

Millennials Women Creators Attack the Archetypes of Femininity

Garance Bonotto, Marilou Poncin, Alis Pelleschi and Chelsea Culprit are young creators who are reinvesting the archetypal figures of femininity. With humour and tenderness, they point out the contradictions in our collective representations and social behaviours. By showing the other side of the coin and diverting the stigma, they have transformed the alienating assignment to a certain type of femininity into a powerful weapon in women’s struggle for freedom, especially sexual freedom.

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