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The Author : Emmelene Landon


In 1970, at the age of 6, Emmelene Landon left Australia with her family on the Marco Polo across the Pacific from Sydney to Yokahama and then to Nahodka on a Russian ship. They traversed the Soviet Union on the Trans Siberian Railway, spending three... [ read more ]

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16 May 2019

On Board the D’Entrecasteaux, BSAOM. Part 2

“A French Naval Writer will be on mission from the 28th January till the 4th March 2019, on board the BSAOM D’Entrecasteaux, a vessel of overseas support and assistance, in Nouméa, subject to the ship’s operational constraints. This embarkation has been authorized by the French Navy (ALFAN / CAL) within activities of research led by the French Navy’s Centre for Strategic Studies.”

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