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The Author : Bruce Bégout


Born on 21 May 1967, Bruce Bégout is a French philosopher and writer. He is a university professor and lecturer at Bordeaux III. He is the author of a number of published philosophical texts, four essays published by Allia (Zéropolis. L’expérience de Las Vegas, 2002; Lieu commun. Le motel américain, 2003; La Découverte du quotidien. Éléments pour une phénoménologie du monde de la vie, 2005; De la décence ordinaire, 2008), and a ‘fictional documentary’ in the style of some of the filmmakers that appear in his novel Éblouissement des bords de route (Editions Verticales, 2004). He also worked for the journal Inculte before leaving in February 2008. In 2013, Inculte published his Suburbia, an essay on suburbs that stretch out to the peripheries of cities. As well as his research, he oversees the Matière étrangère collection published by Vrin. A specialist on Edmund Husserl (the subject of his thesis), he is fascinated by exploring the urban, shared spaces and the everyday. A novelist as well as an academic writer, he published a collection of short stories in 2009 (Sphex), and Le ParK in 2010. In January 2014, Allia published his new collection of short stories, L’Accumulation primitive de la noirceur. In Duane Hanson, le rêve américain, he shares his thoughts on the American sculptor and his work.

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Investigation by Bruce Bégout
30 March 2018

Ruins in reverse

Investigation by Bruce Bégout

Difficult to deny that ruins occupy an ever-greater part of the imagination of our time. We are not talking here of ancient or Gothic ruins, but of the dilapidated spaces in contemporary cities and their desolate factories, empty train stations, all the forgotten places of modernity. The black aura of a city like Detroit, the […]

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