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The Author : Max Cegielski


Max Cegielski (b. 1975), is a writer and journalist, co-curator of the project Polish-Indian shop (Warsaw, Bombay 2017), Global Prosperity (Gdańsk 2010), curator of Migrating University of Mickiewicz (Istanbul 2014). Author of seven books, including Mozaika. Śladami Rechowiczów. For the book on Istanbul entitled Oko świata he received the Beata Pawlak Award in 2009. His last book is Wielki Gracz. Ze Żmudzi na Dach Świata. As the co-host of the TVP Kultura show Hala Odlotów he received “Grand press” award.

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Investigation by Max Cegielski
18 July 2018

Pot-boilers of Soc-Modernism

Investigation by Max Cegielski

Since the fall of the socialist system in 1989, the Polish authorities have regularly been destroying any artistic traces of the old regime, making no distinctions between Socialist Realism and Socialist Modernism although very different. This is how Supersam – the 1962 architectural master piece of Jerzy Hryniewiecki – was demolished in 2006 and that the frescoes and wall paintings and mosaics of Edward and Gabriel Rechowicz are also subject to the same fate here and there. Artists and architects protests have not changed anything to this phenomenon in which ideology and real estate profits work together.

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