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Grant for Emerging Companies as part of Support for Press Companies

As part of setting up support funding for emerging companies and innovation in the press, an award for emerging press companies has been set up with the aim of supporting the launch of press companies. This new facility will particularly enable budding press companies which are not already accredited by the Commission Paritaire des Publications et Agences de Presse [Joint Commission on Publications and Press Agencies] (CPPAP) to get the benefit of financial support and administrative advice which will enable them to meet start-up expenses and develop their editorial concept and business plan. This facility is also open to emerging media with a CPPAP number. In addition to support for the press incubation and research and development programmes of the fund, the emerging companies award helps to support innovation and diversity in the press.


Grant for Emerging Companies

La Région Sud (Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur)

The regional support programme for literary and editorial creation aims to support the publication of books and periodicals on creation over the entire territory by promoting the pluralism of texts and articles to be published, supporting employment in publishing companies and related structures and encouraging the development of writers and authors’ careers.

Eligibility conditions for publishers:
– The publisher (association or commercial publishing company) must be domiciled or have an establishment or subsidiary in the Alpes-Côte d’Azur region;
– Have been in existence for at least one year;
– Work as a publisher;
– Have a catalogue of at least three books or one periodical;
– Demonstrate participation in a network consistent with the publishing project.

Eligibility conditions for works:
Eligible applications concern unpublished editorial projects in printed and/or digital formats of:
– Books,
– Collections of books forming a consistent whole,
– Periodicals featuring original texts,
– Translations.

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