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Radio DUUU

*DUUU is a web radio station dedicated to contemporary art.

Founded by artists in 2012, this radio station was born of the desire to listen to reflective and working programming. Inventing for itself what contemporary art radio could be, it has been experimenting with other modes of spoken word, and has been working for seven years to bring together parallel voices and generate encounters.

*DUUU is a production tool for radiophonic situations, a platform for creating sound objects and a living archive. Around the editorial committee, *DUUU today has a team of around 30 correspondents, all actors on the arts scene (visual arts, poetry, dance, music etc.). Between conversations, series, audio pieces, readings, etc., the radio station brings together a collection of formats and broadcasts, available every day on

Since 2016, *DUUU has been based in Gennevilliers. It explores the region by meeting people and collectives, along with guest artists. As part of this, it moves its studios, as the encounters require, to record broadcasts, or broadcast live from the living places of the town, (cafés, parks, gardens, foyers of buildings, cinemas etc.). The radio station has set up its base at the T2G – Théâtre de Gennevilliers, and has provided a listening and consultation facility there from September 2017.

*DUUU regularly sets up its mobile studio in various cultural institutions (museums, art centres, art schools etc.), to cover events, workshops, exhibitions etc.

In 2018, *DUUU installed a radio unit in Folie N4 at the heart of the Parc de la Villette.

*DUUU is a set of impulses and echoes, a collection of mobile radio units.

AICA International

AICA (International Association of Art Critics) is an NGO founded in 1950 under UNESCO patronage for the purpose of reinforcing worldwide freedom of speech in the area of art criticism and ensure its diversity. Its missions include promoting the discipline in the visual arts by contributing to ensuring sound methodological foundations, protecting the moral and professional interests of art critics by defending the rights of all members equally, ensuring permanent communication among all members by encouraging national and international meetings, improving and facilitating information and international exchanges in the visual arts and contributing to reciprocal knowledge and closer understanding between differing cultures.

Optical Sound

Founded by Pierre Beloüin, Optical Sound is a hybrid and atypical structure which defines its own boundaries between experimental music and contemporary art. Well before the exodus of musicians to the more welcoming regions of the visual arts – compelled by the music industry crisis and the insatiable thirst for novelty – Optical Sound has been working since 1997 on interdisciplinary mixing and has indiscriminately produced projects by musicians- artists-graphic artists and others: discs, DVDs, screen prints, limited editions, interfaces, exhibitions, magazines, etc. With neither dogma nor creed, it draws the cartography of a region enlivened by a close network of stakeholders who work in co‑optation, through productions, encounters, data and energy sharing.

Photo :  Pierre Beloüin, Motorheads, before Wiels conference. Photograph, Bruxelles Ixelles, Avril 2018