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After a degree at the Sorbonne and a Master’s degree of Arts at the University of Saint-Etienne, Isabelle Rodriguez committed herself in a second cycle at the Nîmes’ Art School where she passed a National Postgraduate degree in Graphic Arts in June 2017, with the jury’s congratulations. She develops stories that she delivers orally, presenting archives – photographs, films, acts of civil or judicial registry – and relating her expeditions across Europe in search of history’s forgotten figures. She chooses to explore further her link to writing by integrating the Master’s degree of literature creation in Le Havre, jointly offered by the University and ESADHaR. Today and in this context, she works on writing a novel that tells, among other things, how an orphanage was completely decimated by the Spanish flu, while going on with her graphic work in her studio of Le Havre.

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Chronicle • Chronicle by Isabelle Rodriguez
22 November 2018

Of Art and Respect

Chronicle • Chronicle by Isabelle Rodriguez

“We are the only European pavilion!” is what conservationist and exhibition curator Tímea Junghaus could proudly claim about her pavilion “Paradise Lost” installed inside the Palazzo Pisani during the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. Indeed, the pavilion presented works by Roma artists from the four corners of Europe, and from different nationalities. It was the first of its kind for this international event, above all in terms of visibility garnered for artists from this culture.

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