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In 2012, Zoé Cosson joins the Reims Higher School of Art and Design where she develops a hybrid practice between experimental video, documentary and writing. Her works explore the ways of how the environment evolves on particular and circumscribed territories and facing that, the movements likely to shape them. After obtaining her DNSEP in 2018, her video Salle d’attente is exhibited at the FRAC Champagne-Ardennes. The same year, she joins the Creative writing Master of The Havre-Rouen Higher School of Art and Design where she works on a non-fictional novel based on iconographic archives, memories and interviews of the people in a village based in a valley of Ariège. An extract of this non-fictional novel is published in the Artichaut review of 2019. At the same time, she continues to collaborate with young artists, in particular with Firs Laid which publishes the story of her encounter with the Paris Center for Cosmological Physics astrophysicists in order to accompany the exhibition Ce qui ne tourne pas, tombe.

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Chronicle by Zoé Cosson
18 July 2019

Looted Art

Chronicle by Zoé Cosson

Manet’s Le Suicidé, Gaughin’s Sunflowers, Cézanne’s The Boy in the Red Vest, Bonnard’s Déjeuner. From March 20 to July 21, 2019, the Maillol Museum in Paris exhibits fifty-seven masterpieces from the Bührle collection, while glossing over their owner’s history as an arms dealer to the Third Reich in WWII.

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