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The Author : Joan Ayrton


Joan Ayrton (1969 – Switzerland), of British nationality, is a painter, photographer and lately a filmmaker working on the borders between the visible and invisible. For several years, she has focused specifically on the world of minerals and geology as a way of understanding contemporary physical and political disturbances. In 2012, she received a grant from the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) to develop her research in Iceland.
In 2014, she curated the exhibition Glissements de terrain, cartographie, pensée, paysage at La Box gallery in Bourges. In 2018, she initiated a series of screenings and meetings about the mineral landscape at the Beaux-Arts de Paris as part of its cultural program. Some recent examples of solo and group exhibits: A soft mellow tinge in the 2018 edition of Art in the Chapels (curated by Éric Suchère); Slow Melody Time Old at Florence Loewy gallery in 2017, (…) aide à la vision, en strié sur les ondes lunaires, à rétrodiffusion; En grand; en petit, in duo with Benjamin L Aman at Instants Chavirés in Montreuil, 2017 (curated by Marie Cantos). Joan Ayrton teaches at Villa Arson (Nice) and is represented by Florence Loewy gallery in Paris.

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Interview by Joan Ayrton
26 June 2020

Geology and Psychedelia, Disturbances in perception

Interview by Joan Ayrton

Observing the appearance in recent years of fluid and undulating imagery, like a resurgence in analogic forms, a return of mysticism and animism, and deep anxiety about the environment, Swiss-English artist Joan Ayrton puts into perspective the sensations of our time with the psychedelia that rattled society in the late 1960s. Psychedelia in today’s context, stripped of its folkloric trappings, becomes a prism on current and future disturbances, particularly in times of crisis…

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