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The Author : Julien Bécourt


Julien Bécourt is a writer and an art critic. He has written for Chronic’art, Vice, artpress, Audimat, Images de la Culture, RBMA, and collaborates on a regular basis with Mouvement, Grazia and Trois Couleurs. His main focus is on avant-garde and ... [ read more ]

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Partnership :

This interview was conducted as part of actoral, an international festival of contemporary arts and writing, in Marseille.

Theater, cinema, visual arts, literature, dance, performances… The festival brews wide and far to draw every year a portrait as accurate as possible of the state of international contemporary creation.

Every autumn for three weeks, more than two hundred artists from here and elsewhere perform in about twenty venues in the city of Marseille, from the National Ballet to the Mucem, including various art galleries, theaters and other art centers.

Daily meetings will also take place every day of the festival at Montévidéo, an art center located in the heart of Marseille, in order to exchange, discover, be surprised, and inform each other festival-goers.


Thesaurus :

Polyrhythmics consists of superimposing several different rhythms of accentuation, for example binary and ternary. Each rhythmic part is called a “pattern” when it refers to a rhythm that repeats itself. The notion of rhythmic, and therefore polyrhythm, is not limited to percussion parts.

Developed for the first time by Aristotle, anthropocentrism is a philosophical conception that considers the human being as the most significant central entity of the Universe. Reality is envisioned through the human perspective alone, giving it the role of a yardstick for measuring any thing or phenomenon. Starting in the 20th century, after 1945, environmental philosophy developed new reflections on the relationship between the human species and the universe that led to ecology. These currents of thought justified a critical thinking of anthropocentrism, demonstrating the harmful and destructive action of the human species on the world. This new geological era is called Anthropocene.

The Anthropocene is a phenomenon described at the dawn of the 21st century, pointing out the action of human beings on nature, their power of modification and destruction over it through the western development of industrialization and capitalism since the 18th century. The Anthropocene is a pooling of the natural and social sciences which observes in particular the acceleration of the depletion of resources, the disappearance of biodiversity and demographic pressure.

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25 September 2020

Mette Ingvartsen, All Around

After the Red Pieces trilogy (69 Positions, 7 Pleasures and 21 Pornographies), which highlighted the ambivalent connections between sexuality, the economy and the blurring of boundaries between public and private spheres, Danish dancer and performer Mette Ingvartsen begins a new cycle with the piece All Around, a duo creation with Australian drummer Will Guthrie. A step further in the unbridled representation of the body, shattering gender norms and the social regulation they imply.

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