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Julien Bécourt is a writer and an art critic. He has written for Chronic’art, Vice, artpress, Audimat, Images de la Culture, RBMA, and collaborates on a regular basis with Mouvement, Grazia and Trois Couleurs. His main focus is on avant-garde and ... [ read more ]

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22 January 2020

Dialectic of Pop Agnès Gayraud by Julien Bécourt

Agnès Gayraud has a PhD in philosophy, discipline she teaches at the Villa Arson, a national art school in Nice. She practises as a musician under the name La Féline. Her latest album, Vie Future, came out in October 2019. Her impressive new book, entitled Dialectique de la Pop, was published a year ago by La Découverte, recently translated in English under the title Dialectic of Pop by Urbanomic. This book is a philosophical attempt to think popular music as an art form, thus disputing Theodor W. Adorno’s dogma of musical modernity, which reserves the privilege of authenticity for highbrow music. Agnès Gayraud argues that recorded popular music, deemed light-weight, inauthentic and inconsequential, is actually a major musical art of the last century, an art form that reaches far beyond the simple status of the consumer object.

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