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Julien Bécourt is a writer and an art critic. He has written for Chronic’art, Vice, artpress, Audimat, Images de la Culture, RBMA, and collaborates on a regular basis with Mouvement, Grazia and Trois Couleurs. His main focus is on avant-garde and ... [ read more ]

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This interview was conducted as part of actoral, an international festival of contemporary arts and writing, in Marseille.

Theater, cinema, visual arts, literature, dance, performances… The festival brews wide and far to draw every year a portrait as accurate as possible of the state of international contemporary creation.

Every autumn for three weeks, more than two hundred artists from here and elsewhere perform in about twenty venues in the city of Marseille, from the National Ballet to the Mucem, including various art galleries, theaters and other art centers.

Daily meetings will also take place every day of the festival at Montévidéo, an art center located in the heart of Marseille, in order to exchange, discover, be surprised, and inform each other festival-goers.

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02 October 2020

Superamas, Theater of Operations Conversation with Julien Bécourt

A veil of mystery still surrounds the circumstances of Mouammar Kadhafi’s death, as he was tracked down like a wild animal after the seizure of Tripoli in 2011. A summary execution by the NTC (National Transitional Council) soldiers or a remote-controlled murder orchestrated by the French secret services? Working with this recent piece of history, the Superamas collective is creating a new stage device that gathers together Alexis Poulin, a renowned political journalist, and a former DGSE (in French, General Directorate for External Security) agent. In this casual conversation, revelations unfold outside of the media framework, onto the theater stage, where masks drop and history is rewritten before our eyes.

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