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The Author : Julien Bécourt


Julien Bécourt is a writer and an art critic. He has written for Chronic’art, Vice, artpress, Audimat, Images de la Culture, RBMA, and collaborates on a regular basis with Mouvement, Grazia and Trois Couleurs. His main focus is on avant-garde and ... [ read more ]

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12 February 2021

Sharon Lockhart, the suspended time

Away from any documentary convention and any narrative velleity, Sharon Lockhart’s films confront the viewer with a phenomenological approach to time and landscape, through long still scenes. Most of her projects are the result of real-time scanning of small groups of individuals in precarious situations. Combining conceptual rigor and the poetry of the present moment, these paintings of the everyday plunge the spectator into a simultaneous state of meditation and reflection.

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