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The Author : Adrien Blouët


Adrien Blouët was born in 1992. During his art studies, he discovers anthropology and decides to start writing. He publishes narratives mixing wandering and pilgrimages, questionning what makes or prevents our feeling of belonging to places, as future of nomadism, travels and their writing on times of mass tourism and great migrations. These texts are readable on He’s now living in Shanghai, where he works in the context of the research program Creation and globalization of the Offshore School.

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Investigation by Adrien Blouët
03 September 2018

1933, Shanghai
Slaughterhouse and escape game

Investigation by Adrien Blouët

Presented on a number of websites as a must-see tourist destination in Shanghai, 1933 Laochangfang—1933 Old Millfun in English, or sometimes just abbreviated 1933—is a former slaughterhouse, a sprawling concrete building situated behind the Huangpu port district. For years the city has attempted to revitalize the site by converting it into a shopping and entertainment […]

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