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The Seed War

Along with the article Sowing hope, Switch (on Paper) wanted to share a French documentary, written and directed by Stenka Quillet and Clément Montfort, two French journalists that investigated in 2014 on the strategy of a few industrial giants in their attempt to gain total control on agricultural seeds. A still hot topic.

Le film

The dedicated facebook page (available in french)
La Guerre des graines, 2014
Clément Montfort, Stenka Quillet
John Paul Lepers
Joseph Haley, Clément Montfort
Robin Aramburu, François Brey, Matthieu Daude
Thomas Courcelle
Musique originale
Thibault Pomares
ON Y VA ! media
CNC, Nova Spot, TV5 Monde

Around the text
04 September 2020

Sowing Hope

The association of several countries, foundations and companies to create a seed bank, The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, also dubbed the “Noah’s Ark” of plant diversity, inspired Norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen to create Frozen Songs. A tormented piece about what may possibly be the most crucial topic of our time: the survival of our species.

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