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The Author : Laurent Quintreau


A founding member of the journal Perpendiculaire, Laurent Quintreau works in advertising and directs Betor-pub, the cfdt union for the new economy. He is the author of an essay, four novels and regularly publishes opinion pieces on the topics of current developments in justice, economics and society (Le Monde newspaper, esprit and cadres cfdt magazines…). He is also a member of the jury GESTES (Groupe d’Etudes Sur le Travail et la Souffrance au Travail – a research group on work and workplace suffering) for the “Ecrire le travail” competition and regularly gives talks in universities. His literary and theoretical activity is nourished by a diverse range of materials that he collects through his dual life as a salary-paid employee and a union head: a meeting of eleven higher-ups around a table where hell, purgatory and heaven outline the space-time like in Dante’s Divine Comedy (Marge brute, Denoël, 2006); a mystical crisscross where Tibetan monks meet managers, neurologists and artists in search of radical esthetic experiences (Mandalas, Denoël, 2009); life and death of a small fly crossing through space and periods of reign (La chimie des trajectoires, Rivages, 2014); exploring how work affects subjectivity (Le moi au pays du travail, Plein jour, 2015). In Ce qui nous guette, published in April 2018 (Rivages), the lives of ten characters are upended time and time again at the mercy of a completely insane and exponential logic of algorithms.

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Essay by Laurent Quintreau
25 October 2018

Unionizing, or the art of keeping worlds together

Essay by Laurent Quintreau

Although everybody thinks they know to some extent what it means to unionize, nobody knows precisely what legal, economic or social flux might be generated, increased or halted by union activity. Nor do we know beyond, or perhaps despite, all the visible forms of unionizing (mobilizations, declarations, petitions, assignments) what greater collection of gestures and relationships might modify the texture of reality and set new norms to counter the instrumental logic of numbers and statistics. An essay by writer and trade unionist Laurent Quintreau.

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