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The Author : Laurent Quintreau

A founding member of the journal Perpendiculaire, Laurent Quintreau works in advertising and directs Betor-pub, the cfdt union for the new economy. He is the author of an essay, four novels and regularly publishes opinion pieces on the topics of curr... [ read more ]
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Bonus :

“Humans are virus”, Matrix (1999)
Agent Smith interrogation
A throwback to the first opus of The Matrix serie by the Wachowskis which sounds a bit odd these days.

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06 May 2020

Covid-19 at work: the great upheaval

As if it were not enough to upend the daily lives of millions of workers throughout the world, Covid-19 now seeks to shake up certain foundational aspects of society. With the confinement, the State is reconnecting with its protective power. The least-regarded and most poorly-paid sectors become “vital” activities, whereas professions offering high added value become, for the most part, “non-essential”. As for the massive and widespread use of telecommuting, it has brought the outside in (and vice-versa), generating millions of gigabytes of flow acceleration while subjecting bodies to long periods of immobility. A disruption that has turned our values, gestures and customs upside-down, reminiscent of the great upheaval held so dearly by alchemists and occultists.

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