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The Author : Marie Fouquet


Marie Fouquet is a journalist at the Magazine littéraire and an independent critic. She has written articles for the magazines Mouvement, Reliefs, Trax, Chronic’art, Alternatives économiques, and more recently for En attendant Nadeau. At the crossroads of academic culture and counter-cultures, she co-hosted – with Laura Boullic, Anne Kawala, Élodie Petit… -, the monthly event “Poésie civile” (2016-2018) in the framework of DOC! the free university in Paris. She holds a Master 2 degree in modern literature, devoting her first dissertation to the exploration of melancholy in Baudelaire and Sartre (“From Spleen to Nausea”) and her second piece of research to the American poet John Giorno.

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About :

Marie Fouquet’s text was originally published in the magazine “En Attendant Nadeau,” on 3 December 2019

“En Attendant Nadeau” is a free online journal which appears every second Wednesday. It focusses on taking a critical and independent look at literature, ideas and the arts, in the conviction that it is essential to read books to understand the issues of our world, essential to make the journal a space where choice, recognition of new things, freedom and confidence have their place. To respond to the flow of information and direct statements, immediate and often unchecked, reviews help indirect, cross-disciplinary and reflective discourse.


Bibliography :

Transcription, by Heimrad Bäcker (Héros-limite, 2018).

La société ingouvernable, by Grégoire Chamayou (La Fabrique, 2019)

Argent, by Christophe Hanna (Amsterdam, 2019).

Bogoro, by Franck Leibovici (Questions Théoriques, 2016)

des opérations d’écriture qui ne disent pas leur nom, by Franck Leibovici (Questions Théoriques, 2020).

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Essay by Marie Fouquet
13 February 2020

« The Children are Doing Fine », Nathalie Quintane

Essay by Marie Fouquet

Autumn 2016: The Calais “Jungle” is demolished and Reception and Orientation Centers (“Centre d’Accueil et d’Orientation”—CAO) for refugee migrants are opened all over France. From the Head of State to his ministers, policy texts in the media, CAO staff and assistance networks, everyone has something to say about the refugees. Nathalie Quintane collects every word, phrase, statement, and fragments from official texts as material for her book Les enfants vont bien (The Children are Doing Fine). Upon reading, it has a radical effect. Page after dramatic page of a drowning humanity… To analyze the book, Switch (on Paper) proposes a text by Marie Fouquet published in the magazine En attendant Nadeau, December 9, 2009, followed by an exclusive interview with Nathalie Quintane, conducted in January 2020

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