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After he graduated in Politics at La Sorbonne University in 2010, Nicolas Vaquier specialised in Management of Cultural organizations. He worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines, then founded in 2012 the cultural magazine La Gra... [ read more ]

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29 March 2018

The broken mirror of the Lagos biennale

The capital of Nigeria, the largest city on the African continent, Lagos is a megalopolis with a frantic development, having grown in 50 years from 1 million inhabitants to 20, receiving every day some 900 new residents. A population and urban boom, largely taken over vast expanses of water, and leading to an ever more significant gap between an extremely wealthy class – found in its luxurious islands or exponential business districts, including the astronomical Eko Atlantic, the largest development in Africa – and a population living well bellow the level of the greatest level of poverty.

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