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The Author : Christian Rinaudo

Christian Rinaudo is a sociologist, lecturer at the University of the Côte d'Azur and researcher at URMIS (Migration and Society Research Unit). His research interests include the production and expression of differences in the urban space, cultural ... [ read more ]
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11 March 2020

Art’s Passengers, Judith Depaule and the Agency of Artists in Exile
Interview by Christian Rinaudo

Fleeing what is often mortal danger in their home countries, exiles continue to seek refuge en masse in Europe today. Amongst their ranks, a mix of ages, sexes and conditions, there are also artists—those with proven careers or ones who become so through exile—and like others denied the conditions to exercise their profession, they have twice as much identity to lose. In Paris, artists Judith Depaule and Ariel Cypel established a structure for them, the Agency of Artists in Exile, and a festival, Visions d’exil. An interview with Judith Depaule, theater director and the agency’s co-director.

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