Bogoro, l’œuvre-enquête de Franck Leibovici et Julien Seroussi #3 Finding out the facts

Investigation by Virginie Bobin

At the crossroads between art, poetry and international justice, Switch (on Paper) is publishing a text that takes the form of an investigation, in several instalments, of a project conducted since 2014 by Franck Leibovici and Julien Seroussi at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The project centred on the Katanga/Ngudjolo trial, named after the two militiamen accused of crimes against humanity, allegedly committed in 2003 in the village of Bogoro, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This third text looks at the question of facts – from the very different angles of legal experts and researchers in the field of social sciences – and the alternative method of interpretation proposed by the book bogoro, published in 2016 by Questions Théoriques.