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The Series : « Subtraction Chronicles »

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The Author : Jean-Baptiste Farkas


Jean-Baptiste Farkas’ artistic practice questions the notions and status of the artist, the artwork and the place of exhibition. He involves everyone in completing precise tasks that take the shape of services whose underlying objective is to upset the established order: put part of a habitat out of service, slow down the workflow or even tell lies. His collaborative projects are known under the names IKHÉA©SERVICES (1998), Glitch, Beaucoup plus de moins ! (2002) et PRACTICES IN REMOVE (2015). Books: IKHÉA©SERVICES, 68 pages de passages à l’acte !, Zédélé éditions, 2004. Glitch, Beaucoup plus de moins !, Zédélé éditions, 2006. Des modes d’emploi et des passages à l’acte, éditions MIX, Paris, 2010. Le Tournant Hostile, e-Publication, ABM Distribution, 2016. Retours d’usagers, éditions autrechose, 2016. On Words, In Deeds, english book, mfc – michèle didier, Bruxelles, 2017

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Subtraction chronicles :

An editorial project by French artist Jean-Baptiste Farkas conceived for Switch (on Paper). In 12 episodes that can be read or listened to, each chronicle looks at the particularity of subtraction as an aspect of how art and society relate. At how less, emptiness or destruction create meaning in the contemporary world.


Partnership :

LES CHRONIQUES DE LA SOUSTRACTION (Subtraction Chronicles) were intended to be read, but also to be heard. They were organised and recorded in summer 2019 by *DUUU Radio and are available on their website and, of course, on Switch (on Paper) where you can listen to them in the extension of each text by Jean-Baptiste Farkas.

Direction and recording: Gaspard Collin for *DUUU
Studio *DUUU, July 2019

*DUUU is a web radio station dedicated to contemporary art.

Founded by artists in 2012, this radio station was born of the desire to listen to reflective and working programming. Inventing for itself what contemporary art radio could be, it has been experimenting with other modes of spoken word, and has been working for seven years to bring together parallel voices and generate encounters.

*DUUU is a production tool for radiophonic situations, a platform for creating sound objects and a living archive. Around the editorial committee, *DUUU today has a team of around 30 correspondents, all actors on the arts scene (visual arts, poetry, dance, music etc.). Between conversations, series, audio pieces, readings, etc., the radio station brings together a collection of formats and broadcasts, available every day on

Since 2016, *DUUU has been based in Gennevilliers. It explores the region by meeting people and collectives, along with guest artists. As part of this, it moves its studios, as the encounters require, to record broadcasts, or broadcast live from the living places of the town, (cafés, parks, gardens, foyers of buildings, cinemas etc.). The radio station has set up its base at the T2G – Théâtre de Gennevilliers, and has provided a listening and consultation facility there from September 2017.

*DUUU regularly sets up its mobile studio in various cultural institutions (museums, art centres, art schools etc.), to cover events, workshops, exhibitions etc.

In 2018, *DUUU installed a radio unit in Folie N4 at the heart of the Parc de la Villette.

*DUUU is a set of impulses and echoes, a collection of mobile radio units.

Around the text
Chronicle by Jean-Baptiste Farkas
23 December 2019

Episode 11 – Sold or Demolished

Chronicle by Jean-Baptiste Farkas

What if we at least aimed to get rid of those that find no audience? This is the ironic premise offered by French artist Anne-Valerie Gasc, who vows to eliminate any of her artworks that cannot find collectors. And if we listened to her, our depots would be much emptier.

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