Olivier Quintyn

Olivier Quintyn was born in 1978 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He studied at the École Normale Supérieure (Fontenay/Saint-Cloud). Holder of an Aggregation higher degree in French language and literature, he taught Aesthetics and Art History at the University of Rennes II and now teaches Literature at the Lycée Jacques Monod in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine). Since 1997, he has been disseminating reports and “poetic documents” on international geopolitics in the framework of his Project [S.V.P.]: publications in reviews, collective books, performances, posters, and the distribution of flyers in public areas. In his editorial unit Questions Théoriques, he animates the philosophical collection known as “Saggio casino”. He has also written three theoretical works: Dispositifs/Dislocations. Essai sur le collage (Al Dante, 2007), Valences de l'avant-garde. Essai sur l'avant-garde, l'art contemporain et l'institution (Questions Théoriques, 2015), and Implémentations/Implantations : pragmatisme et théorie critique. Essais sur l'art et la philosophie de l'art (Questions Théoriques, 2017).