Julien Sipra

Hailing from the ranks of Ecole Centrale and HEC, Julien Sipra currently works at an advertising agency where he invents stories to be told through digital devices and information technology. He was a contributor to the Hearn report on the “development of entrepreneurship in the cultural sector of France”, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of the Economy. He then attended Sciences Po and the political art school founded by Bruno Latour where, in response to a commission from the National Council on Information Technology, he worked on the effects of algorithmic calculation, social networks that are establishing themselves around and thanks to an algorithm, and on the forms and modalities of activism in the era of digital platforms. From there grew his interest in digital cultures, in the transformations that give rise to information and communication technologies, and their consequences on individuals and society. He recently became part of a famous bike-delivery company in an effort to pursue both anthropological enquiry and artistic performance