Julia Marchand

After engaging in research as a specialist of Tribal Art on the Indian sub-continent, Julia Marchand obtained a Master of Fine Arts, Curating, at Goldmiths’ College, University of London. In 2015, she joined the staff of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in Arles, where she is Associate Curator today. Julia Marchand worked alongside Bice Curiger on the La Vie Simple - Simplement la Vie exhibition in 2017, and organised the James Ensor & Alexander Kluge: Siècles Noirs exhibition presented in 2018. She also pursues her activity as an independent exhibition curator through her platform Extramentale, founded in 2016 and centred on young European creators. She has organised exhibitions and lectures abroad, in particular at the Swiss Church in London, Stereo Gallery in Warsaw, Louis Vuitton Foundation and Quai Branly Museum in Paris and during the Art Basel in Hong Kong in partnership with the Asia Art Archive Open Platform.