DISNOVATION.ORG [aka. disobedient innovation] is a collaborative group based in Paris. A shared platform for contemporary art, research and hacking, the group creates situations of interference, debate and speculation aimed at diverting the ideology behind innovation in a bid to spark alternative narratives via a series of investigations, works of art and subverted critical analysis. The group also publishes works such as The Pirate Book, designed as an anthology on pirating cultural content. Founded by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska, the group operates in different configurations depending on each individual project and piece of research. Predictive Art Bot is an algorithm for predicting and subverting emerging artistic trends and was developed by Jérôme Saint-Clair (artist and developer) and Dasha Ilina (artist). Shanzhai Archeology is a collection of non-standardised, hybrid technological objects, and invites the viewer to reconsider the standardisation of western technological concepts. It was designed by Clément Renaud (researcher) and Hongyuan Qu (designer).