Slow motion
Raychel Carrion Jaime

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May 1st, 2007, Revolution Square in Havana. As every year on the occasion of Labor Day is held the official manifestation of power. The artist Raychel Carrion Jaime decided to participate. In the middle of a compact, impressive crowd of order and discipline, he moves with extreme slowness, as if struck by a strange lethargy or an irrepressible torpor, his gestures evoking those of a sleepwalker or the Jacques Tourneur’zombie. His attitude is a task, disturbs, and the uneasiness that emerges eventually creates a real “hollow” disorder. This marginal behavior ends up to be excluded manu militari of the event, a member of the police service accusing even of counter-revolutionary behavior.     Raychel Carrion Jaime Fallas de origen, 2007 Video, 16’58’’   This video is a Switch (on Paper) gift. You can download it here…

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